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Unlocking opportunities in emerging markets

Social enterprises are primary drivers of job creation and livelihoods in fragile markets. We need social enterprises to thrive because they reduce poverty and protect the environment. Yet financing options available for them are either too few, too slow, or too expensive.

Most impact businesses fall into what is called “the missing middle,” which means they are too big for microfinance but too small for institutional loans. Through fair-priced, values-aligned financing, we work to reduce this gap and propel social enterprises forward to broader and deeper impact.



How we connect you to our borrowers

Through a donor-advised fund

Collectively, individuals have placed over $100 billion into DAFs for future charitable giving. Most of these funds are invested in the stock market, but they don’t have to be. Beneficial Returns makes it easy for donor advisors to become impact investors.

Through a private foundation

Independent foundations in the US control over $800 billion in assets. Rather than being invested in the stock market, these funds are turned into grants or recoverable grants to Beneficial Returns.

Benefits of investing with
Beneficial Returns

We carefully evaluate small to medium-sized businesses in underserved areas based on the depth of their impact, business model, and repayment ability.

With your investment, we can support more businesses to create more jobs and contribute to sustainable economic growth. 

Investments through donor-advised funds and private foundations are protected with our first-loss reserve.

Our guarantee community has contributed to a first-loss reserve that will absorb loan losses. This protects your investments against loan defaults. We target the first-loss reserve to always be more than 20% of the principal outstanding.


We recognize that the social enterprises we aim to support are working in the most challenging markets with thin margins. Nevertheless, our strong portfolio performance demonstrates that we are selective. We only lend to enterprises with deep impact and strong repayment ability.

The relationships we foster within our community of investors and borrowers are one of our proudest achievements. We host online or in-person events where investors can meet one another and our borrowers.

Our Focus Sectors

Social enterprises that promote the use of renewable energy to improve lives and protect the environment. Renewable energy is energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat.

Social enterprises that help increase job opportunities for low-income communities within Latin America and Southeast Asia.


Social enterprises that undertake activities focused on providing clean drinking water to stop the transmission of disease and help improve lives.

Social enterprises who employ sustainable agricultural practices, undertaking good stewardship of the natural systems and resources that farms rely on, including: building and maintaining healthy soil, managing water wisely, minimizing air, water, and climate pollution, and promoting biodiversity.

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