Reciprocity Fund

The Reciprocity Fund supports social enterprises that promote prosperity for indigenous communities in Latin America and South East Asia​.

Helping indigenous communities become more resilient

Despite the critical importance of indigenous communities and their stewardship of land and society, they are disproportionately affected by extractive industries and experience disenfranchisement, economic isolation and exploitation that is far more tragic and profound than is reported through government data or mainstream media.
We aim to address this by providing capital to social enterprises that  create sustainable livelihoods for indigenous populations, as well as fight the world’s greatest challenges of environmental degradation, declining soil health, and shrinking biodiversity. ​

Credit Committee

The five-member volunteer credit committee of The Reciprocity Fund is composed entirely of indigenous leaders who have ultimate authority over all loan approvals.

Become an investor

Your investment will support sustainable economic growth across different emerging markets while generating sustainable financial returns.

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We provide affordable growth capital to small and medium-sized social entrepreneurs in countries within Latin America and Southeast Asia. 

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