What We Do

We make loans to social enterprises reducing poverty and improving the natural environment.

We believe debt investing is the most suitable form of investment for most social enterprises.  Although they do not have the prospect of an IPO or big dividends, successful social enterprises can repay loans while growing their enterprises and their impact.

Entrepreneurs should focus their creative energy on running the best possible business, not fundraising. Therefore, we work swiftly to meet their needs. Loan applications can be converted into disbursement in approximately 2 months.

About half of the world lives on less than $5.50 per day. What can you do to change this? 

Ted Levinson

Beneficial Returns Fund

The Beneficial Returns debt fund provides capital asset financing to outstanding social enterprises that reduce poverty and protect the natural environment in Latin America and Southeast Asia.

The Reciprocity Fund

The Reciprocity Fund provides debt to social enterprises that build individual agency, community resiliency, and economic self-determination in indigenous communities in Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Our Impact

Our Focus Sectors

About 65% of the world’s poor rely on agriculture to make a living. We deploy capital to initiatives that support the livelihood and ongoing production of farmers and other agricultural workers.

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We invest in social enterprises in emerging markets that ensure universal access to clean water and sanitation to low income communities.

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We help transform the energy landscape of our key communities through financing renewable energy. This ensures that they have an affordable and reliable supply of clean energy. 

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We back scalable businesses that create livelihood opportunities for the working poor in Latin America and Southeast Asia.

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Our funds are fueled by undeployed philanthropic capital from family foundations, donor advised funds and faith-based communities. We bring these investments to growing businesses that are contributing to the fight against poverty.

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Growing resilient and future-ready social businesses

Our borrowers operate in some of the world’s most economically vulnerable markets, with low margins, limited access to financing, lack of government support, and high risk of natural disasters.

Their continued impact delivery and success are foremost of our goals. That is why apart from loans, borrowers get access to our network of potential donors, investors, customers, and experts.


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Your investment will support sustainable economic growth across different emerging markets while generating sustainable financial returns.

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We provide affordable growth capital to small and medium-sized social entrepreneurs in countries within Latin America and Southeast Asia.