Investor Trip


February 19-24, 2023

We are happy you are joining us!

Below is a tentative itinerary of our trip.  Each participant is expected to make their own air and hotel bookings. Contact Maria Luisa Chavez ( for discounted room reservations and with any further questions.


  • Start: Mexico City (2 nights)
  • Destination: Puebla (1 night)
  • Final Destination: Oaxaca de Juarez (2 nights, 3rd night optional)
Day Destination Description

Day 1

Sunday, Feb 19

Day 2

Monday, Feb 20

  • Learn about Altitud from CEO Gabriel Rivera

  • Visit Grupo Murlota, which includes an Ilumexico solar installation

  • Visit Salus, a vocational nursing school for low-income students

Day 3

Tuesday, Feb 21

  • Travel to Xaxeni for a tour and a traditional Mexican BBQ lunch

  • Visit Sistema Bio's satellite office. Visit a local farm to see their biodigester in action.

  • Optional dinner at El Mural de los Poblanos

Day 4

Wednesday, Feb 22

  • Travel to El Museo del Agua

  • Visit Quali factory

  • Lunch at Restaurante Ecogastronomico la Milpa

  • Travel to Oaxaca. Dinner at Casa Oaxaca with mezcal tasting

Day 5

Thursday, Feb 23

  • Coffee tasting with Tercer Milenio

  • Visit Someone Somewhere artisan workshop

  • Visit ceramic and/or glassblowing studio

  • Dinner at Zandunga

Day 6

Friday, Feb 24


  • Stop for traditional Mexican breakfast en route to Ricinomex

  • Visit Ricinomex factory and local community

  • Lunch at mezcal palenque
Grupo Murlota provides hens and chicken coops and training so rural women can launch their own egg businesses. Grupo Murlota also purchases eggs from some of their producers and sells them to Mexico’s largest grocery store chain under the Grupo Murlota brand name. On our visit to one of the few rural areas in Mexico City, we’ll also meet representatives from Ilumexico and Sistema Bio who will demonstrate the solar system and biodigester on site. Learn more here.
GM 1
GM 2
Someone Somewhere produces and sells sustainable and ethically-sourced lifestyle and fashion products such as apparel, back packs and accessories. Someone Somewhere connects indigenous artisans in Mexico who are mostly women, to consumers and corporations worldwide. This significantly improves their livelihoods and allows them to break the cycle of poverty while preserving centuries-old traditions. Learn more here.
SS 1
SS 2
Ricinomex is a Mexican producer of castor oil and mezcal. It sells 100% of its castor oil production to domestic manufacturers of soaps, adhesives, and lubricants as a cheaper alternative to imports from India. The business sources its raw ingredients from over 3,000 smallholder farmers from Oaxaca, the fourth poorest state in Mexico. Aside from castor seeds, farmers also benefit from training programs on regenerative agriculture.
Learn more here.
Rici 1
Rici 2
In the arid hills of Puebla, Grupo Quali’s cooperative members grow organic amaranth that is processed into snacks, cereals and other consumer packaged goods under the Quali brand. Learn more here.
Quali 1
Quali 2
Iluméxico designs, assembles, and sells solar home systems to remote Mexican communities with no access to the grid. These systems save money and improve health outcomes as families are protected from the budgetary and health drawbacks of diesel or kerosene use. Iluméxico has sold thousands of units through microfinancing and government partnerships. Learn more here.
Ilu 1
Ilu 2
Sistema Bio designs, manufactures and sells anaerobic biodigesters that convert manure and agricultural waste into biogas an organic fertilizer.  These low-cost, modular units simultaneously keep manure out of the water table while saving farmers money and increasing their yields.  Since its launch in Mexico, this social enterprise now sells in India, Kenya and throughout Latin America.
SB 1
SB 2
Grupo Xaxeni preserves Mexican biodiversity through a network of mostly indigenous smallholder farmers who grow native Mexican plants. Grupo Xaxeni seeks to promote the ecological and economic value of these plants by creating a market for their use in landscaping, biotechnology, and as active ingredient for consumer goods. Learn more here.
X 1
X 2

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