Marta Julia Ixtuc Cuc

Associate, Latin America

Based in Sololá, Guatemala, Marta Julia is an indigenous woman of the Maya-Kaqchikel ethnic group from Guatemala. She has 16+ years of experience working on women’s empowerment programs, including microfinance, education, and preventive health services. She has held different positions with her previous employer in Guatemala from 2007 to 2024. She was the liaison between Guatemala and the US. Marta Julia was also in charge of developing long-term relationships with donors, investors, supporters, volunteers, stakeholders, and others.

With Beneficial Returns, Marta Julia will be responsible for the Reciprocity Fund expansion in Latin America. She is passionate about the social and economic development of indigenous people, especially women in Latin America. She is interested in the preservation of indigenous culture and knowledge and the sustainable development of rural areas. Marta Julia has a degree in business administration, and she has an MBA from a university in Guatemala. Among her other talents, Marta Julia speaks a Mayan language, Spanish, and English. She has a desire to learn another language, and she is very excited to use her talents on behalf of others.