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Beneficial Returns Asia Community Trip

December 14-17, 2023

We are happy you are joining us!

Join us in an immersion experience in the work of Beneficial Returns’ borrowers in Chiang Rai! We will be hosted by our partners – the entrepreneurs, who will take us to rural communities to meet the farmers they work with. We hope to share their joy, understand their challenges, and consider how we can build a brighter future for families living in poverty.

Our trip will take us to rice fields, where farmers would have just started sowing for the dry season. It will also take us to hills where hilltribes will be harvesting crimson coffee cherries, for use by artisanal baristas. We will visit hilltribes raising free ranging chickens for organic eggs, on sale in top supermarkets in the country. This is a chance to engage ourselves in the farmers’ reality and learn how the transforming power of businesses has changed their reality.

For our investors, it is a chance to understand the influence your capital has had on individuals and families – know them and their names! We are confident the dialogue you will have with farmers, entrepreneurs, and other investors will enrich you. We hope you will form meaningful connections, and by contributing your talents and networks, accelerate the progress in these communities.

For prospective investors, come and see how money can be invested purposefully, to build a future we want for the generations after us. Understand our investors’ motivation and learn about their experience investing with Beneficial Returns. Meet and dialogue with the entrepreneurs, discover what drives them to labor in this sector.

You will also be treated to fresh and tasty cuisine straight from the farmers’ fields. Indulge in authentic local food prepared by our hosts, sip freshly brewed coffee harvested from the fields you will visit. Enjoy invigorating cool weather ranging from 15-25 degrees Celsius. We trust there will be rest both for your bodies and your souls.

We welcome families, and children accompanied by parents.


Day Description

Day 1

Friday, Dec 15

  • Morning

    • Breakfast in hotel

    • Trip to the rice fields in Wiangchai to visit Urmatt's organic rice farmers

    • Option of sowing seedlings alongside farmers in the fields

  • Afternoon

    • Lunch with rice farmers

    • Visit Chacha's spice farm

    • Visit Urmatt's rice mill and Chacha's processing facility

  • Night

    • Group dinner

Day 2

Saturday, Dec 16

  • Morning

    • Breakfast in hotel

    • Travel to Wawee valley to visit Hilltribe Organics -- a copmpany working with hilltribes to raise free-range chickens for organic eggs

    • Visit 2-3 farms, dialogue with egg farmers

  • Afternoon

    • Lunch with the farmers

    • Trip to Doi Chaang highlands to visit single-origin coffee plantations and learn about post-harvest processing

    • Meet coffee farmers

  • Night

    • Dinner with coffee farmers

Day 3

Sunday, Dec 17

  • Morning

    • Breakfast in hotel

    • Free and easy

  • Afternoon

    • Option to visit another enterprise, or

    • Cultural experience, or

    • Fly out Chiang Rai / Extend your trip


We estimate this trip to cost ~S$650, excluding airfare, for those in a single room, and less for those in a twin sharing room. The price you pay is purely to reimburse the cost of accommodation, transportation, and meals. Beneficial Returns will not charge a fee on top of the actual cost incurred.

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